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My single room studio is the ideal small recording space: combining your dream microphones, analogue hardware and sought after effects pedals in a cosy environment that is guaranteed to produce the highest fidelity tracks loaded with character.

Ideally set up for vocal production, guitar tracking and recording keyboards/synths you’ll find a choice selection of ‘desert island’ equipment, including ‘U47, ‘251 and ‘U87 style microphones. You’ll also be spoilt for choice with 1176, dbx160 and Joe Meek industry standard compression ran in parallel with vintage preamps and EQ from Tascam, which are sure to become highly coveted for their full, warm tone in the future.

An impressive array of virtual instruments are also on hand including Roland Juno’s, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric pianos and oddities such as Beatles inspired collection Fab Four.


The music industry has never been more competitive and having an amazing song simply isn’t good enough anymore - the quality of your mix has to be second to none.

Not only will I use the latest digital software - but also a plethora of sought after analogue hardware and sonically unique effects pedals that will bring your track to life and make it stand out above the rest.

Oozing with vibe, personality and character your finished track is sure to grab the attention of your listeners.

Your mixed track(s) will be delivered back to you in multiple formats including WAV, MP3, instrumental and formats suitable for video sync.


Mastering is the process of getting your tracks ‘radio ready.’ But what does that really mean?

I’ll make sure that your track is not only at an industry standard playback level, but that is also translates clearly and beautifully across multiple devices - from your iPhone and AirPods to the largest speaker systems.

This is achieved through the subtle, yet precise use of EQ, compression, limiting and studio wizardry.

Your mastered track(s) will be delivered back to you in multiple formats including WAV, MP3, instrumental and formats suitable for video sync.


Is a track you're working on missing that magic something? That indefinable quality?

Send me your track and I’ll take it to the next level and get it ‘radio ready’ by adding: percussion, programming, piano, pads, synths, double tracking, triggers, ambient effects and reamping.

Your returned track will be oozing with vibe, personality and character. Making it stand out above the rest, grabbing the attention of your listeners!


You’re recording your very own podcast, YouTube video or corporate presentation. You have the killer content, but now you need it to sound second to none. My standard package includes:

Adding intro/outro/transition music and sponsored content to your production.

Ordering your content and editing clips/pieces together to make one coherent podcast free from artefacts.

Cleaning up audio including background noise and electrical hum.

Mixing your audio to the highest possible quality.

Mastering your audio to be fully compliant with industry standards and guidelines.

Exporting your audio at a bit depth and sample rate suitable for your platform(s.)