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You have the lyrics and the idea, but you’re missing a big chunk of the picture. You need a producer and co-writer to guide the process. I specialise in offering complete packages for Singer-Songwriters that include everything you will need from writing to release. A typical project consists of:



Writing, arranging and demo’ing.

Together we’ll build a solid foundation and make your tracks the best they possibly can be! During our first sessions we’ll listen to your own demos, taking out the parts that aren’t working, replacing them with more cohesive and effective arrangements. We’ll also write new and original parts for your tracks, utilising instruments and techniques that you may never have heard of until now! Throughout this whole process we’ll also be recording brand new demos that not only reflect the progress and tonal choices we’ve made but will also serve as a rope map for when it’s finally time to start production.


Producing, performing and recording.

Throughout this part of your project I’ll produce your tracks, meticulously shaping their overarching sound, theme and aesthetic whilst also adding that indefinable quality. This will range from simple decisions such as drum tuning and microphone placement, to broader strokes such as emotional impact and performance delivery. As we dive into the recording process we’ll not only use the highest quality, industry standard microphones, hardware and software, but also a choice selection of rare and sought after effects pedals and analogue outboard to load your tracks with a unique combination of vibe, personality and character. Utilising my extensive collection of musical instruments, from guitars to synths to drums, I’ll also play any instruments that you can’t - making sure your tracks are recorded exactly as we envisioned.


Mixing and mastering.

Next I’ll add the finishing touches to your tracks, mixing them with both broad strokes and subtle nuance to add depth, width, fullness and clarity. Finally your tracks will be mastered, making sure that they not only translate beautifully across multiple playback devices (from AirPods to the largest speakers,) but that they’re also at a volume that’s sure to grab your listeners attention.


Stocked with all the comforts of home, my studio serves as an incredibly relaxed and creative space - the perfect environment for us to produce your next track, EP or album.

If you’re interested in working together get in touch today and let’s make some music!

Take a listen to some of my work below which covers Pop, Electronic, Rock, Acoustic and Ambient genres: